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Susan Weil Design, graphic designer in Brooklyn

I earned a BFA degree in Communication Arts from Parson's School of Design in NYC and held lead design positions in marketing/package design firms including Werbin&Morell, Wallace/Church and Smith Associates. In 1984 I opened Susan Weil Design to provide freelance marketing and design services. Since then I have worked for a wide range of clients.


When not designing I love to travel, paint, and cook for my family in Brooklyn. A current project I'm involved in is to lead a new food concept launch with retail store design, menu development and marketing.



The creative process is exhilarating, but success is
measured by effectiveness. It's easy for a project to get
side-tracked and off-the-mark. Here's what I do to keep
things focused …


I Listen – Do you have a clear picture of what you need to accomplish? Or just the wisp of an idea you want to explore? Whatever stage your thinking is in, I'm ready to listen. I'll bring an open mind to our discussions. And a strong focus on hearing what you say.


I Understand – I'll ask pertinent questions. Seek clarification. And get up to speed quickly. To create successful work for you I have to first understand your business and what you need to achieve. And how you want it conveyed. I'll be thinking about what your project must accomplish long before I imagine how it might look.


I Contribute – With ideas on how to achieve your goals. With recommendations on how to make your story clearer, your offer stronger. I will provide a fresh perspective and informed opinions. Design is the element that presents your message. But intelligence is the core that can make it a success.


I Create – I work hard to uncover each project's innate logic and natural flow. Then I work harder to bring this discovery to light. Design is identity. Yours will be distinguished. I emphasize what's important. Guide and reassure where necessary. Use color, type and layout to make it easier for your prospect to say "Yes." The finished design will be seamless. And your message will be memorable.


Have questions or a project you'd like to discuss?
I'd be delighted to hear from you. Call me at 646-299-1309

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